inktober 2020 ink drawing rip ribbon with campanula carpatica flowers

Inktober 2020 ink drawing challenge chef rip dig potions

Another awesome stream on Sunday evening, and this time we pass into the last stretch of Inktober. I am really grateful for these streams, because they have kept me on the path of actually finishing inktober. I have so many more ideas, on-what can i do next, and what the future holds. I already am sketching and preparing. As the holidays draw near, i cannot help but getting excited.

Chef spices potion

The next 3 prompts are really awesome, and we start ofd with Chef. In this one i made my potion bottle a spices bottle. With Cardamon and other spices. The flowers are sunflowers, and i know it is not the season yet, but i do miss the sun, and the yellow flowers. What is most important for a chef is the seeds. The bottle i on purpose made wonky, since i made a mistake early on and decided to go with it.

Rip a tear in your ribbon

The second prompt is Rip, or as others call it tear? On the stream we got into a deep discussion about bears, and walking in the forest, apparently we have special pepper spray for bears in case one gets attacked. The flower fro this one is Campanula Carpatica, and awesome little flower, that reminds me of the Carpathian mountains of my home country. Here is where i did see bears, and other wild animals roam free. The thing the is ripped in this drawing is the ribbon, around the bottle. I enjoyed learning how to draw this. I think ribbons will become some of my favourite accessoires.

Dig that potion out

The last one of the bunch, is the prompt Dig, and i had to go with Wisteria flowers, on a bonsai tree, that wrapped around the potion bottle. The Dig, is the action you need to do, to get at the potion, under the tree roots. I think the bonsai is one of my favourites so far. I was experimenting quite a bit with the thickness of the lines.

As always for the video, you can check my youtube channel, for the livestream. Link is in the BIO.
I like always how my cats are helping make the pictures. Even if sometimes they are in the way. At least everyone has fun. The most important things is that they do not eat any of the props.

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