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Inktober 2020 ink drawing challenge storm trap rocket

So we are over the mid part of Inktober. Last Sunday I had an awesome livestream, where I did the next 3 days of Inktober. Some of them were a stretch, in terms of the prompt and how would we fit them into potions and flowers. As always we are talking about the Inktober days 15, 16, and 17 and respectively the prompts rocket, storm and trap.

Futuristic rocket potion

So let’s talk about them, in no particular order, the first one, and most challenging was the prompt Rocket. My initial idea was to make one potion strapped to a firecracker rocket, and launch it into the air. But that proved to not be my style at all. I hated that sketch. So I decided to just use the flowers as the prompt. I started drawing the “Dames Rocket” flower, wich is actually a pest weed, but pretty purple little flowers. And then I made the bottle resemble some futuristic implement, with flower stamens looking like the rocket exhaust.

Lay your trap potion

The next prompt was Trap, and i went with a potion that when thrown away will create a cover of leaves, over any trap you might want to set. Very use-full if you are preparing for lets say the hunger games :). This is my favourite ink drawing so far, and that is because i drew the leaves like never before, from different angles. This is something i learned just on this inktober so I am super happy about it.

Storm in a potion

The last prompt was Storm, and i took inspiration from my favourite amusement park, the Efteling. In there there is this ride called Fata Morgana, and one of the markets someone is selling potions, with like clouds in them. This is what i tried to depict here, and i admit this ink drawing will look much better with shading, and color in. But that will come, in due time.

As always for the video, you can check my youtube channel, for the livestream. Link is in the BIO.
I like always how my cats are helping make the pictures. Even if sometimes they are in the way. At least everyone has fun. The most important things is that they do not eat any of the props.

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