inktober 2020 iris flower and death potion dizzy prompt

inktober 2020 ink drawing challenge coral dizzy and sleep prompts

Another awesome stream the other day, and this time we pass into the last stretch of Inktober. I can see so many improvements and I was just flipping through all the previous days, and i cannot believe how much material I did create this month. I think I will set myself a nice goal of continuing to. make illustrations regularly.

Coral and octopus potion

One of the prompts i was really excited this month was Coral. And not just because i really love the sea and everything in it, and i adore the awesome colour we find in the coral reefs, but because i wanted to draw and ink an octopus. Now this is my first time drawing one, i must admit, and i am not sure if it is really an octopus. It might be something different, for a first it has 9 arms instead of 8. Now this octopus is hugging the coral inside a potion, and as someone pointed out during the live stream, it could very well be replenishing it ink, from the coral.

Dizzying potion

The second one is dizzy, and i choose to draw a dizzying potion, with a skull-inside, and some nice iris flowers. I always associate the iris with very strong smell, but i also know in my own home country the iris flower is something that is everywhere in a cemetery. These delicate flowers are called the flowers of the dead. I struggled with the proportions for this one ink drawing, and had to sketch it multiple times. In the end i am happy with the result.

Sleep potion

The last one of the bunch, is the prompt Sleep, and of course i could not draw anything else other than lavender flowers. In the stream i keep calling it lavendel, but that is just it’s dutch name. I do get confused sometimes between the 2 languages. Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

As always for the video, you can check my youtube channel, for the livestream. Link is in the BIO.
I like always how my cats are helping make the pictures. Even if sometimes they are in the way. At least everyone has fun. The most important things is that they do not eat any of the props.

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