inktober dune drawing turning sand into water via alchemy

inktober 2020 art challenge ink drawing with dune, armour and outpost

I cannot believe we are at the middle of Inktober. I have never reached so far, in the last 5 years with this challenge, I have to say i am proud of what I have managed to learn so far. The next prompts are a bit more difficult to put into the themes of potions and flower, however we move on, and try our best. This time we had Dune, Armour and Outpost. This has pushed me a bit our of my comfort zone.

Dune alchemist potion

Let’s break them down, on dune, I was imagining the-ultimate alchemic reaction, make water out of sand. As we all know with the latest Climate changes, more and more communities are without water. I think it would be a dream of mine if we could bring an end to water insecurity. Of course my only way right now is with magic. So we have a time capsule potion, with dunes, that transforms into a raging sea body of water. The style of the waves, was a Japanese style.

Armoured potion

The second prompt Amour, was the one that teached me the most so far, i learned how to draw objects that wrap around round bottles. Of course not very good yet, but i got to understand the form. How to see the armour pieces from perspective,. The flower i choose is Thistle, a rather fitting one, with natural armour.

mushroom outpost

The last prompt was outpost, and I drew inspiration from 2 places, one was my very own small forest behind my place, where i found this cut tree log, completely overran by these tiny little mushrooms. And the second is my favourite park, the Efteling, in the. They Have this donut shop, that is built in some old ruins.

As always for the video, you can check my youtube channel, for the livestream. Link is in the BIO.

I like always how my cats are helping make the pictures. Even if sometimes they are in the way. At least everyone has fun. The most important things is that they do not eat any of the props.

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