ink drawing disgusting potion with spider legs

Inktober 2020 art challenge drawing ink artworks with slippery disgusting and hope

This challenge has been teaching a lot about ink drawing and how to do proper planning and sketching. I am not yet where I want to be, like awesome ink shading, I am primarily drawing these with the intention to make watercolour drawings out of them. I welcome the next 3 prompts hope, disgusting and slippery for the days between 10 and 12.

Hope Potion and cat guardian

These 3 days have been so far my favourites. I started with the prompt “hope” and did a nice potion with loads of fairy stars in it, and one of my cats guarding it. You can see that i am not good at drawing faces, especially cats. But at least I am trying.

Disgusting potion and carnivore plants

My favourite prompt so far has been “disgusting”. The only thing i really do not like, and would have to have a potion of is anything related to spiders. I just hate spiders. And carnivore plants are just creepy. But out of all my captions so far this is the best one. I really like the way perspective plays a role in here, and i am proud of the spider legs.

Slippery potion and succulents

The last one was “slippery”, and i did try a different style. In my initial sketch i did draw everything flat from the front, but that did not create any interest, so i decided to draw things in perspective. I still did mistakes, especially on the books. But that is me and straight lines. I really liked that i learned how to draw succulents,. It is still not perfect, and i have to say actually inking it is much harder then it looked in all tutorials.

As always for the video, you can check my youtube channel, for the livestream. Link is in the BIO.

I like always how my cats are helping make the pictures. Even if sometimes they are in the way. At least everyone has fun. The most important things is that they do not eat any of the props.

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