Fancy potion with anemones as flowers inktober 2020

Inktober 2020 art challenge drawing fancy, teeth and throw prompts

I cannot believe I have finished another 3 drawings. These last prompts have been quite nice. It allowed me to experiment with more bold ideas, and go all the way. Sometimes i find it a struggle to stick to the potions and flowers mindset, but we move on. So here are days 7, 8 and 9, of our inktober ink drawing challenge, the awesome prompts fancy, teeth, and throw.

Fancy Potion

I especially enjoyed the prompt for “fancy”. Not because i know a lot of fancy things, but because i really like how my love potion with anemones turned out.

Dragon Teeth Potion

The one that I struggled a lot was the potion with the dragon teeth inside. I did choose a special flower because i wanted to colour it really nice, but i only realised towards the end, that it does not fit with the form of a potion, since it is a standing flower, it cannot wrap around a bottle.

Throw the potion away

The last one was throw, and my initial idea was to have a hand that is throwing the potion, however, after about 2 days of failed sketches i realised i know nothing about drawing hands, and it makes sense to adapt and move on. I really enjoyed drawing the crystantheum flowers, they look so stylish, and i really like the flower inside the bottle. This is by far the most technically challenging one of the bunch.

As always for the video, you can check my youtube channel, for the livestream. Here is the link for this particular one. I hope you all enjoy it.

Live stream for intktober2020 fancy, teeth and throw prompts.

I like always how my cats are helping make the pictures. This time I tried a different set up for my photography, just to see if this one works as well for analytics purposes.

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