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Art challenge here we go! Inktober 2020 Days 1- 3 Youtube Live Replay

Hello all, Inktober 2020 art drawing challenge has officially started, and I wanted to make my comeback by making an ink drawing for every one of the 31 prompts. I did start my journey on youtube and with this blog long ago, with card making. However my dream was and will always be to become a real artist and to design my own illustrations, and make my own handmade cards.

For this I will first need to improve my drawing skills, and illustrative skills. The Inktober challenge is the first step in this direction. This however does not mean I will stop with card making. But I will enhance my portfolio with drawing, inking and illustrations.

Also for the entirety of this challenge, i will livestream it on youtube. This is best to get back into the groove, and get some stability and routine into my life.

The live replay for the livestream is here. I did have some technical difficulties in the beginning, but i think i made it up on the second part.

Live replay of days 1-3 youtube inktober2020

Fish Potion

I started with the first prompt of the Inktober 2020 challenge “fish”. I have decided all the way, to use potions as my main theme. Also I wanted to get better at flower drawing, and learn how to follow the lines. Thus what better way for the fish theme, then some beautiful potion with fish skeleton inside surrounded by beautiful cala flowers. The cork for the potion is made of crystals. I hope to get better at drawing this and following the form.

Wisp potion

The second ink drawing i made that evening, was a representation of the prompt “wisp”. I choose to draw inspiration from World of Warcraft. In WoW, the spirits of the ancient night elves, live on as wisps, tiny blue blobs of energy, that are tasks with protecting the groove. I really cannot wait to colour these ones in with watercolours.

Bulky “zombie eyes” potion

The last drawing for the day, was the prompt “bulky”. And I choose to depict it with a big potion bottle filled with zombie eyes. The difficult part here, was making this bottle look 3D. I achieved this by inking. the eyes, in different z-axis. Some behind others, or partially obscured. Remember to always avoid tangents. To help with the composition I also cut the potion on the side, showing it not in full focus. I could not help myself to fix one mistake i did in the end, wich was draw a black line, to make the contour. But we learn and we live.

List of supplies:

HB Pencil, Black Sakura Micron pens: 005, 03, 05, Fabiano cold press 300 Gsm watercolour paper.

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