inktober2020 radio ink drawing powered by lemons

Inktober 2020 art challenge Days 4-6 Youtube Live Replay

Hello all, we continue our journey in this inktober 2020 ink drawing challenge with doing a live stream of the next 3 days of October. Here is the live replay of the yesterday’s livestream, when i drew the pictures for all the following prompts “Radio”, “Blade” and “Rodent”. I am continuing with my learnings, and i am trying in these next prompts to get better at framing my illustrations, or for a better work composition.

The art of a good composition is something you learn. Some people are born with an art instinct, but for me i think i will need a lot of practice in the next month. I struggle on how to make good focus points in my illustrations.


inktober2020 live replay of the livestream for days 4 – 6

Radio Potion

For the “Radio” prompt i chose to make a futuristic radio powered only by lemon potions. Yes you heard this right, when life gives you lemons, what you going to do, put them to good use, and power up your favourite radio. This ink drawing is not technical utilising the flower aspect, but i like lemons in general. Loving how i framed the illustration, by cutting the image 1/3’rd. you will only get the hint of the radio bu this is enough. For next time needed to fill in the gap to the side better, but for now i decided on a lemon tree. I used to have lemon trees in my house, and i really miss having a big one, where i can always have lemons for my tea.

Blade potion

On this prompt, the “blade” i struggled with proportions. In my initial sketch i made the witch blade too big, and it was sitting at an odd angle. This is not the case now, since i decided to make the blade pierce the potion. The flowing fluid from inside makes me so proud because, I managed to get the flow mostly right.

Rodent potion

The last prompt of this post is the “Rodent”, and my initial idea was to have a rodent skeleton inside a potion. Like “Rat bones” or something similar. But in a stroke of genius i also drew a rat, looking inside the potion, as his cousin maybe.

List of supplies:

HB Pencil, Black Sakura Micron pens: 005, 03, 05, Fabiano cold press 300 Gsm watercolour paper.

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