watercolor speed paint bookstore front and entrance

hello, all! This watercolor speed paint illustration has been in development for quite some time now. I finally had a full day free to work on it, and I am quite proud of the achievement. It is a bookstore front, quite old antiquities bookstore, maybe a wizarding place. I chose to work with my new watercolors both the Schmincke and the Daniel Smith. I did not have all colors yet. Enjoy the video of this watercolor speed paint illustration:


I started with the linework first.  The sketch for this illustration has been digitally finalized by my husband. He is an illustrator after all, and he has more time to work on this than me. I have spent some time sketching and discussing my idea with him and asked if he can help me bring it to life. He did quite some studies on old buildings and architecture. Thus, I printed the digital piece on normal paper, and transferred it to my arches watercolor paper, using a lightbox and the UniPin Fineliners. It took a while but the result was awesome.

bookstore watercolor illustration zoom in detail door and window

Watercolor speed paint

I was very careful with my coloring and did everything in layers. Maybe too many layers. I did not want all my linework time to go to waste. But I also realized that my color palette was quite limited. I wanted to only work with my good watercolors. What I noticed was that the Schmincke are super transparent, and I need quite some layers to get color in. That is not a bad thing but I spend several hours trying to build up the color.

bookstore watercolor illustration before adding the ZIG markers - intermediary

More color

In the end, I decided to use my Zig markers to get some shading done, and actually finish the piece. I also used a white gel pen for some highlights. This speed up the process quite a bit.

Finishing Touches

Because I used the Zig markers I knew I needed to protect it from the sun, and those colors would disappear in a few weeks. And then,  I used a watercolor varnish spray in the end and gave it a few coats

bookstore watercolor illustration framed front view



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