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crafty haul watercolor supplies from vanbeekart

Crafty haul time

So a while back I decided I wanted some new good papers for my watercolor practice. Also, I needed good brushes. I only had one good brush left. So I put some money aside for a few months, and then I looked for a shop in Amsterdam, where I could buy all the cool stuff I did not want to order online. I mostly wanted to see and touch the brushes and also to decide on what sizes of papers I wanted. The shop i chose was http://www.vanbeekart.nl/ from Amsterdam.

Arches watercolor paper

I wanted to see what I can create with good watercolor paper. Usually, I only used student grade, but this is really restricting.Thus I put money aside, especially for this paper.
arches watercolor pads close up faber castell pitt artist pen red pentel pocket brush black tip

Testing watercolors

I did not know wich watercolors I wanted. I had to choose between the Shmincke, German brand or the Daniel Smith. So I decided to try both and bought some test tubes. 

crafty haul schimncke wateroclor_horadam half pan close upcrafty haul daniel smith watercolor tubes essentials

Stable hair brushes for watercolor.

I think the most expensive purchase were the brushes. I decided to go with the mostly sable hair. They usually return to their pointy shape after gliding on paper, unlike the squirrel hair ones. I also splurged on a ceramic well for mixing my colors.
ceramic wellwatercolor brushes tip view

Enjoy the video:


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