altered frame – nautical mixed media altered frame

Hello everyone,
This video i did a while back, it was my first altered frame. I did learn a lot while doing this frame, and i wanted to share with you the result.


Usually when i start with a project for the first time, for example altering frames, i would start with a really small frame.
Because you need to learn what works well and what doesn’t. If the paint will stick to the frame or not.



How much gesso to use, and how tong does it take for the threads to stick to the frame.(My glossy accents took more then 20  minutes to set….).

Acrylic paints do not stick so well on slick surfaces, so you need a tick coat. Also if the frame is bent, it is hard to use stencils, and embossing paste.

I also learned that sometimes your frame might overwhelm the project inside.
For a first try i would say it turned out quite good.
Enjoy the video:

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