SSS june kit – card #1 hey with roses

Hello everyone,
I did film the next 4 video’s a while back. But secretly i did not want to publish them. So i have agonised for almost a week now whether i should share them.  The reason for this was, the fact that i am not good with patterned paper. And these cards did not make me happy, but they did teach me how not to do things.

So because of that i wanted to share them. bear in mind that almost all of them i have modified in the morning just to make them look finished.
The best tips that i wanted to share with you are: never be afraid to try out something you are not good at, cards will not look good from the first try, and share your mistakes so others can learn from them.

Anyways here is the first card, I made it with the SSS june 2014 kit. This version i actually filmed.

Enjoy the Video:

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