watercolor sunflowers – using distress markers for watercoloring

Hello everyone,

I started this week to practice a bit my water coloring techniques. Watercolor is kind of en – vogue right now, and i decided it was a good time to start learning.

Until I wait for my actual watercolors and good brushes to arrive, i decided to make do with what I had on hand, namely my distress markers.

Now this technique requires a bit of courage to try, but it is actually much easier then it sounds. Courage because you are going to free draw flowers. Before the making of this video i practiced on small scraps of watercolor papers. I usually practice in front of a movie, half listening and half drawing, it does not require much attention.
The trick is to draw first just whatever flower you want, but only vaguely, and make the shapes but not perfect. Just to give you an idea for later on.

After you have a nice color outline, which will be your shadows later, all you have to do is take a black marker, fine tip or brush tip, whatever you prefer, and draw in the details lines of your flowers. Kind of like stamping but in reverse.


Products i used in making this card:
i cannot link to some of the products, so i will post the names here. They might be discontinued, or the shop that sells them does not have them in stock:
Simon says Stamp – for the record stamp set

Basic grey wood buttons

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