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 Hello everyone,
This is a new challenge for me, to do art journal pages. I was too scared for a while to even try. But i got the small creative journal as a gift, so i decided it was time to use it. I tried first some projects using left overs from Halloween and Christmas. Just to see how the ink takes to the page, and how the pages react to wet stuff. 

Conclusion, is that i like the process, it gives me a bigger canvas to work on then a card. But it takes a looong time. For this particular project i had almost 3 hours of footage. I had to cut a lot from the video. and speed it up like 5 times. 

However the results are amazing, and i will continue doing this. I will get better in time. My biggest problem is that i do not have a ready made stash of quotes ready, that i would like to make into a project. I need to do some more research.



Anyway i was a bit hooked on hexagons this week, and i had some really nice papers in my stash, for like 2 years already. I know i am a hoarder. I decide to throw everything at it, and see how it will end.

The only thing i did before hand is go to a second hand shop and buy some really old books, with thin paper. I got some old dictionaries, some war time newspapers, and some old psalm books.
I think this stash will last me forever. 

This video does not have voice over. But i really like the “Blue Danube” by Strauss. So here it is, Enjoy the video.

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