christmas series #1 2013 – small cards

Hello everyone,
I just got the Christmas bug, finally. It usually comes a bit late for me. But when it does, I make all my christmas cards in just a couple of days.

This year i need to make a lot of them, so lets get started. The first thing i tried is to make some cards for my family, that can be easily reproduced, but also each one if them have something different.


Now i have a really old stamp set, from smirk. They do not sell this anymore. I could only find them on ebay. But now is your chance to use some old stamps you have forgotten about. I decided to make small lost square cards.

Have a look at the result in the video tutorial.

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    1. the video widget thingy doesn't show up 😉 I saw the video on youtube ('cause I've subscribed to the channel and all) but maybe you want to fix the blog post?
      So, yeah…cool cards! They look so cute and lovely

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