carving tutorial – how to carve your own rubber rose stamp – carving into speed ball rubber carving material


Today I wanted to show you a nice way to create your own rubber stamps. I have a lot of clip arts that I would like to have in rubber stamp form as well. With a rubber stamp you can try multiple techniques with inks, and embossing powders. In order to have my favorite clip art’s in rubber stamp I just carve them.

So first thing you will need an image that you want to carve, a transfer paper piece, this can be also vellum, a rubber carving material and I use mostly 2 types the speedball speedy carve pink , more resistant to carving and suitable for intricate images and the speedball speedy cut white  , this is for larger blocks and for easier carving.

My carving tools are the speedball lino cutter with different cutting ends and an exacto knife.

In the end I will mount the stamp on a pice of ez mount black.

Enjoy the video and let me know if you have any questions:

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